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3 Situations When Courts Won’t Allow Defendants to Post Bail

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After a person is arrested, during the arraignment, they are given the opportunity to post bail. The money or collateral is used as an insurance policy, letting the defendant out of jail with the promise they will show up for trials and additional court dates. Terms are often set in accordance with the offense, but the team at JC Bail Bonding knows there are certain situations where the court could deny bail. Their knowledge comes from experience providing Cleveland, OH, residents with reliable, discreet bail bond services.

Below, the staff at Cleveland’s premier bonding company shares three instances when a court won’t allow a defendant to post bail:

  • They Don’t Have U.S. Citizenship: If a visitor from Cleveland-Ohio-post-bailanother country commits a crime in the United States, the court will most likely take their lack of U.S. citizenship into account. If the defendant’s home base is abroad, they might leave the country to avoid their legal obligations. Extraditing the accused could be a lengthy process, which is why bail could be denied to people with immigrant status.
  • They’re a Proven Flight Risk: People who have poor track records for showing up at scheduled trials and hearings are often denied bail. The court considers the history of missed appearances when determining whether a defendant will make it to additional court dates.
  • They’ve Violated Parole: When a prisoner is released early, there are rules and regulations in place to ensure they stay on the straight and narrow. Otherwise, they could end up back behind bars for the remainder of the sentence or end up with more time added. Getting arrested often violates parole, which means the court could deny bail.

If you need to post bail for yourself or a loved one in the Cleveland area, the team at JC Bail Bonding has the experience to assist. They will help you navigate Ohio’s judicial system to ensure requirements are met to get out of jail. Give the bail bond company a call at (216) 588-1410 today, or visit their website to explore how they will help.

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