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Misuse of Credit Cards

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“Misuse” of credit cards is a term including charges ranging from falsely representing a credit card company to defrauding a credit card company or using another person’s credit card without their knowledge or approval. Ohio courts will determine charges and repayment amounts in line with the retail value of the charges put on the card, […]

Trafficking in Drugs

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Drug trafficking includes the use, transport, sale or preparation of drugs by those who are not licensed to handle them. The court considers the amount/weight of drugs involved and the criminal history of the accused when handing down a sentence. Drug trafficking is a serious offense in the eyes of the law, and one that […]

Failure to Appear in Court

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Once JC Bail Bonding posts bond for you or a loved one regardless of the offense type, the court will issue a trial date to finalize sentencing or release. Our bail bond money gives the court a guarantee on your behalf that you will show up for trial. If you do not appear on this […]

Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence cases involve family members of members of the same household. JC Bail Bonding has handled thousands of domestic violence claims over the years and understands how to help clients facing these charges get and stay out of jail. Sentencing and bail amounts in domestic violence cases vary depending on a number of factors, […]