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Failure to Appear in Court

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Once JC Bail Bonding posts bond for you or a loved one regardless of the offense type, the court will issue a trial date to finalize sentencing or release. Our bail bond money gives the court a guarantee on your behalf that you will show up for trial.

If you do not appear on this given date, you may be held in contempt of court under the Ohio Revised Code and fined an additional $20 on top of the total bail amount. JC Bail Bonding then pays the court the total amount of what you owe so that the court cannot issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This allows you and your loved ones to repay JC Bail Bonding directly, removing the court from this already-stressful process.

While we advise you to show up on your court date, we also understand that life – work, family obligations, appointments – can get in the way. We are here as your support and are ready to guide you through the bail process from start to finish; just call us at 216-588-1410  to get started.

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