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Ohio Bail Bondsman Explains State Rules , Collateral & Payment Options

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A trustworthy bail bondsman like JC Bail bonding Cleveland is not only a qualified bail bond agency in Cleveland to post Bail Bond but are measured by the Ohio State.

This entails that they are expected to follow particular laws when it comes to bond related transactions. State ascertain how much customers can be charged.

Jc bail bonding Cleveland

The amount Should not be extra, unreasonable, or biased. Likewise, when it turns up to collateral, it fluctuates on what particulars a bail bonding company will take.

The deposit for Bail in Cuyahoga County Ohio can be paid as follows:


A percentage can be paid in cash. But the person who pays the deposit is responsible for the total amount. If you appear on trial or if the charges are withdrawn before trial, the amount paid will be reimbursed. If you do not appear, the entire amount of cash will be lost and the total amount must be paid immediately.

Property Deposit

A property (eg land or a house) can be used as collateral, provided the value of the property reaches or exceeds the amount of the bond.

To determine the value of the property, you must deduct, any mortgagee, mortgages or deeds of trust and capitalized income to 6 percent, of the value given to the property.

When the property is used as a bond, you will need to present the documents and tax receipts, copies of the trust or other public records and property evaluation notices.

Each person who appears on the tax receipts must sign the form unless a power of attorney has been executed by one or both persons authorizing another signature.

Intangible Assets

Some intangible assets that are also accepted are:

  1. Savings passbooks and certificates of deposit accepted at 100 percent of the indicated value,
  2. Letters of credit from a bank,
  3. Bond certificates listed on the US Stock Exchange or the

Ohio Stock Exchange

They are accepted at 75 percent of the exchange value at the time of presentation,

Only a court employee can accept intangible assets. Present the required documents to the employee in the court where the case is pending.

Credit and Debit Cards

The deposit can be charged to certain credit and debit cards. Even if the court employee accepts the card, an independent company processes the charge. The charge includes the amount of the bond and a fee for services. (These charges will appear on your next credit or debit card statement).

The card and personal identification must be presented in person at the time of posting the bond. (Contact the Superior / Municipal employee in Cleveland for more information about the cards that are accepted and the fees to be paid.)

The most popular items that are acknowledged in Cleveland Cuyahoga County Ohio are bank accounts, credit cards, vehicles, real estate and jewelry. Furthermore, if clients abide by the set instructions determined by state law, a bail bondsman must stick to return any assets or surety.

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