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How Do Bail Bonds service can Help the Local Economy?

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At first glance, the bail system may appear little more than a closed transaction between incarcerated persons, the court system, and the bondsman. In reality, the business of bail bonds has a significant impact on the local economy. The professionals at JC Bail Bonding in Cleveland, OH, share a few of the positive effects bails bonds have […]

How Do You Use a bail bonds service Cleveland?

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Lofty bail prices can often mean a loved one must stay in prison until their court date. JC Bail Bonding in Cleveland, OH, understands the harm this can cause. This is why a bail bondsman will post bail for families that don’t currently have the funds to post the bonds for themselves imidiately. It’s important you know how […]

3 Situations When Courts Won’t Allow Defendants to Post Bail

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After a person is arrested, during the arraignment, they are given the opportunity to post bail. The money or collateral is used as an insurance policy, letting the defendant out of jail with the promise they will show up for trials and additional court dates. Terms are often set in accordance with the offense, but […]